About This Site

It all started when I happened across a rather abused copy of Die Kunst des Mittlealters [The Art of the Middle Ages] in the used book bin of my local public library. I instantly fell for the short prose, but attempts to find more work by the author failed miserably.

Eventually I crossed paths with several people who were also interested in Ungeheuer but had the same problems as I. Together we formed a collection pool, submitting whatever little snippet of information we came across. This virtual museum is the culmination of these collections composed of Xerox copies and fax paper. It will be constantly updated as the collection grows. Our hope is that by reviving interest in Ungeheuer's work we will open the doors further on the unique Ungeheuer treasures that remain undiscovered.

I'd like to thank our translators and collectors: Jeremy Osborn, Del Weichler, Vera Warner, Joanna Hoit, Susan Steinmann, Paul Richards, Al Jergen, T Schaaf, Holly Ackermann, Sylvia Fessler, and, of course, the wonderful Tasia Harper, without whom this site would barely equal a paragraph.

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