Ungeheuer wrote short stories. Very short stories. Some are no more than a couple of sentences. The longest of them barely fills a half dozen pages. Ungeheuer explained his penchant for short short fiction in an interview with Jared Green in 1970:

"There's something enigmatic about the economy of these short pieces. Something about the lack of context that forces the reader to fill in the larger picture. I don't care about plotting a story, characterization or setting. I'm looking for a feeling, an instant in time. An uncomfortable floating instant, with no sense of anything that may have come to pass before it."

The index to the left will guide you through our current collection of Ungeheuer short prose. This sampling draws from many different sources. The first two sources come from Ungeheuer's books. Ungeheuer only published two books in his life time, Dein Gesicht ist Meine Geschichte [Your Face is my Story] in 1951 and Die Kunst des Mittlealters [The Art of the Middle Ages] in 1967. He was also published in countless literary magazines and we have drawn from that pool when available.

Our most exciting source for Ungeheuer fiction comes from Tasia Harper, Ungeheuer's Grand-niece. She has in her possession many Ungeheuer stories never before published and has granted us exclusive rights to translate and publish them here at spiritual cockroaches. The Miraculous Bible is the first of these exciting stories with more to come.